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Founded in Cali in 1965, Faride is a brand that has been creating women’s garments for more than 50 years. Each piece is designed and produced by Caleñas hands, taking care of every detail and focusing on the durability and sustainability of it. 100% Cali



Our Philosophy: It is our central axis when designing. Life is a “do not stop” that needs slow rhythms and longer pauses to enjoy its details and be in the present. We design pieces inspired by nature, taking care of every detail, to reconnect with our essence and our senses.


Repair. Reduce. Recycle

We want to change the game rules. Taking care of the planet is our premise. We seek to generate the least impact with our collections by making conscious decisions. Discover our path to sustainability. Discover

be part of
our story

Let’s be a team, let’s grow together and create a shared success. We are a company with more than 50 years of experience in the creation and distribution of women’s garments, which today seeks a strategic expansion national and internationally.

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The team

Fernando Acosta

President of faride

Fernando started his way in the brand more than 40 years ago. Being president of the company has given way to the next generation, his daughters, to relaunch the brand with a new concept, fresher, youthful and much more romantic.

Laura Acosta

Product Manager

Laura is part of the new generation that took the mark 5 years ago. She is the product manager, directing the creation process of the collections and production.

Pamela Acosta

Brand Manager

Pamela is part of the new generation that took the brand 5 years ago. She is the Brand Manager leader, directing the entire image, advertising and digital content for the brand.